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HD DVR / Capture / TimeSlip
Full HD 1080 60P capture software/hardware solution.
DVR Functions allow swift review and recall of all judging moments.
TimeSlip allows for a routine to be reviewed at the pace of the panel, vs the pace of the performance.

Clip Marking for Later Recall
Ability to place markers on the timeline for any notation needed: Deductions, Safety, Injury, or Social Media. 

Ability to recall any marking to review, modify or enhance the description.

Email Notification of Deductions

On Call Email Generation

Cheer Replay will email / text coaches with a link to view the specific deductions and safty violations.  The link will have each violation listed with the memo from the judge.

10 Workstation Capacity / Floor
3 Minute delay for backstage
Score Check Terminal
Up to 10 workstations as well as a three minute delay in HD for the backstage review. Score check will have its own playback machine to review and explain deductions.

Integration with RegChamp
Cheer Replay now offers seamless integration with RegChamp, the oldest and most comprehensive Cheer and Dance online registration and event management system.

Contact for a live demonstration.

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