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Cheer Replay is a leader in the new field of Computer Assisted Judging
Since 2004 we have been developing cheerleading judging systems and the future is now.

Isn't it time for you to make the change, and join us in the future, with Cheer Replay?

"Cheer Replay is a Game Changer."

"This software has really cut down on questions at score check."
Amanda Fairhill -
Future Cheer UK

"You have to use Cheer Replay!"

"I love it, Im looking for new innovate ways to provide better service to my customers at events."
Kimberley Ramsay -
New Zealand All Star Cheerleading

"This idea is off the hook. I believe it will change the industry!!"
Morton Bergue -

"Most innovative capture system to date."

"It cuts down on a lot of conversations where I have to explain an infraction to a coach. They are able to get clear feedback immediately via email, which is extremely convenient, and saves a lot of time."

Braxton Kinser - The American Championships

"Cheer Replay is a Game Changer in the World of Cheerleading!" 

Braxton Kinser
The American Championships

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