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Cheer Technologies, founded in 2016, was created out of 16 years of cheer experience. Our Founder and Principal was instrumental in the design and implementation of one of the first cheerleading judging systems in 2004. We have spent more time on the judges riser than most people have, covering over 1500 cheer events in our 16 year history - providing videography, playback, photography, and technical support. We exist to support your event with the latest technology and our experience.

Tim OBrien
Founder and CEO
Brady OBrien
Communication Developer

Tim founded RT Productions in 2000, with a focus on videography, photography and programming. After two years in business, he noticed the need for replay on the judges riser. Tim has spent the last six years perfecting the replay system the industry is demanding.

Bill OBrien
Chief Financial Officer

Through the years of supporting and photographing cheerleading events, Brady has mastered troubleshooting and designing systems that are robust and can stand the test of any cheerleading event. An expert in JSON, Python and AWS, Brady leads the Communication Suite Design. 

Robin Bolden
Cheer Industry Expert

With over 25 years experience as a CFO and managing both private and public sector entities, Bill brings a strong set of skills to Cheer Replay to help finance and structure our growth.  A Cal Poly graduate with a degree in Business Administration and studies in Computer Science, managing technology business is in his blood.

Nikolay Nedikov 
Lead Software Design

Holding multiple US patents in the area of computer video processing, Nikolai is our resident expert programmer and lead software design. Nikolay leads an entire group of programmers that handle each part of Cheer Replay in its hundreds of thousands lines of code. 

Robin is the industry rockstar of safety judges! She is known for her fair and accurate judging and is sought after for many events around the world. Robin provides feedback and input on design, features, and official testing of all release versions.

Alex OBrien 
Emerging Tech. Developer

Currently finishing his robotics engenieering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Alex brings some amazing new ideas to Cheer Replay.  Utilizing skills aquired while working on projects for Boston Dynamics, he is pushing the bounderies with facial recognition and machine learning to assist in judging.

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U.S. All Star Federation
Silver Sponsor
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